There were things I was gonna say, but I forgot. Prob trying to catch up from the days that I missed, but we can’t make up lost time. The tanager sings every evening now, mountain quail not as much. I’ve seen deer around, a coyote last week, might of just heard a fox.

I packed my stuff today and I felt sad because I’m tired of my clothes being wrinkled. I’m tired of being confined to plastic Walmart bins. I got a pang of sadness looking out at the pasture and thinking of how much I enjoy these goats. I can’t get over how CUTE Hatch and Eske are. And Rita and Rocket. And Liana, and Elaina. Grandeur is beautiful and hilarious. And Rose is so funny. I can see that I am going to want animals in my life. I really enjoy chickens.

Today while Westi was out I ran around doing laundry, making rosemary tea, filtering milk, sewing my tote bag. When she came home I was sewing my pencil case and she put a box on the table and said it was a surprise. I put my ear next to it and could hear peeping! 4 chicks were inside! So cute and frumpy.



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