It is raining in half the yard and the other half is sunny. There is a rainbow out to the east backed by charcoal clouds. Strong winds make it chilly on the nose. This morning Westi had to be in town so I was on my own with the animals! Everyone was super antsy today. Liane and Rose upset about their babies being gone (sold yesterday). Elaina tired of being stuck inside with the kids. Grandeur worried and confused because, well, she always is. They were eager to get out and knocked the alfalfa from my arms when I tried to enter the pen! Milking went fine though. Well, as fine as expected. And they all entered the pasture easily. Except for Grandeur. She expressed concern about everyone leaving her behind, but she didn’t want to join them. I was dancing around trying to inspire her to come outside when I noticed one of the ducklings had escaped. So I left Grandeur where she was because clearly she wasn’t going anywhere, and I chased the dang duck back and forth along the fence until it surrendered out of fear, and I put it back where it came from!

I just made organic hot chocolate with goat’s milk – omg. I’m so spoiled and fat and happy.



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