February 8th, that doesn’t mean much to me. The sun is up there again behind the clouds and I’m not late for anything, so that’s good. My toes are warm due to their proximity to the wood burner; there is music meeting my ears – stovetop sizzling and humming from he who administers the sizzles; and my truck is out in the yard with gas in the tank. There is nothing else I could think to ask for. The daffodils will bloom any day now.

[Placerville, CA]

Note: It’s only lucky that some posts have pictures to go with them. And it’s only lucky when the posts actually explain where I am and what I’m doing. Usually that information is secondary anyway. Remember that these are taken directly from my noteboook and are not necessarily written for an audience. I could edit them to incorporate more “practical” information but that would put authenticity at risk.

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