Yesterday evening, just before dusk came over our clearing in the woods, I heard such a peculiar bird. It sang a series of different tunes, almost resembling a chat’s wacky melody. Some quality of it somehow reminded me of a brown thrasher, even though I haven’t heard them in years. It seemed almost fake, as if someone was over there doing playback. It sang again, beginning with a funny trill, which reminded me of those damn squirrels. And then I realized – it was a damn squirrel – a mockery of one! It was a mockingbird singing! I haven’t heard one of those in years either, what a delight!

Before falling asleep I laid on my back marveling at the stars, and an owl silhouette flew right across the frame! Something smaller than a great-horned, saw-whet maybe? And then a shooting star fell, and I drifted off with a smile.

We awoke this morning to fairly strong wind – too strong to open nets, but we waited to see if it’d let up. Besides the gusts, it was an incredibly beautiful day. Evening grosbeaks cheeped from the swaying tree tops all morning! We are camping here again tonight in attempt to make up for our lack of banding tomorrow morning. On our drive in we encountered a poorwill on the road! He was feeding pretty actively so we got to watch him flutter about before us for a while. The eye sheen is red-orange! Different than any owl or mammal I’ve seen. It was still windy driving in and I can hear the treetops rustling now. No telling yet what dawn will hold. Hoping (always) for owl sounds in the night.


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