All 4 of us banded at Willow Wind today with Bob. I opened nets 3 and 4 and was by far the last one done because it took me a minute to find the poles at 4 and the poles at 3 were missing! So I was all stressed out to start. And then I got no birds on my first two net runs. I was so sad. Everyone else had birds! The first two birds in my hand were both recaps (recaptures = birds that already have a band) – a song sparrow and a bushtit. The bushtit was so small I could hardly hold it! Like a cottonball! And then the first bird I got to extract was a female Bullock’s oriole! And I extracted a male too! And then I got to see a freaking male western tanager in the hand!! And blackbirds, mourning dove, bewick’s wren, scrub jay, flicker. It was so exciting! I of course have a lot to learn, but things are making sense, so I’m not worried.


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