I cried about 6 different times on the drive up here, remembering back to the first time I drove up the 5 last April. I was so young then. (Hah)

Highway signs still bring tears to my eyes, even though I’ve been out west for a year and a half now. And even though I’m not a fan of San Francisco and I’ve gotten over that false romanticized idea that midwesterners have of it, my heart still races when I see road signs with that name on it. It’s the realization or reminder that I’m living the dream. I’m in California. The place I dreamed of going since I was 13. Here I am. It’s amazing.

I went into the field yesterday with Katie. And I found a female song sparrow building a nest and a tree swallow cavity! Hah. It was more fun than it used to be, when it was my job.



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