Today Connie and Claude and I worked in the yard. I mowed the lawn, trimmed the bushes, planted some flowers. We burned the brush pile and I drove the tractor! And I planted my poor succulents here. Poor Missin’ Petals is really missing some petals. They did so good coming on the plane, recovering from cold nights in my car on the coast, survived Fizzy and Fuzzy clamoring around on the windowsill. And then after a day back in the car – poop – they suddenly wilted! And we prepped containers for me to plant cherry tomatoes in. Then we took Joe (the army Jeep) out for another spin. Yesterday on our morning ride we rounded a curve to find a turkey with about a dozen chicks in the middle of the road. Those babies hunkered right down and mom was running circles around them like mad! Boy as we got closer it looked like someone already ran over half of em, but thankfully they were just laying down. Well I got out to urge ‘em along and scooped up the stragglers. I put ‘em on the side of the road atop a little slope and watched each tumble and flop down into a leaf pile. They were so little they could hardly pick their heads up to walk, let alone make it down that slope gracefully. Mom was screaming like crazy at me while I saved her children. Once I plopped the last on one the hill she calmed down. What a neat freaking thing.


Then we went over to that ranch – Nat and Augie’s daughter. It sure feels like a whole different place in the spring compared to the dead of late summer when I was here last. Everything is so green and the creeks flowing and birds chattering. A pair of kingfishers. A handful of kingbirds. Low flying red-tailed.


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