The 3 cows in the corral at Murder Camp finally ate some dang hay, so if they’ve been loco-ed it looks like they stand a chance now. The mom has good records too. I’m worried about Sugar’s leg, she’s sensitive about going downhill. Though it’s hard to tell if it’s just Sugar being Sugar or if she’s really in pain. Eric keeps dismissing it as nothing serious and I hope he’s right.

Two days ago I was given the privilege of taking Sugar out alone up the driveway to try stretching out her leg before guests arrive. Felt good with just her and I and the great big something. At one point there was a dove coo and she and I both turned to look at the same time, hah! I talk to her as we go, she seems to prefer when I talk because it shows I’m paying attention to her. I think. I really can’t get over her. It’s not because she’s exceptionally beautiful, the other horses are prettier than she is. It’s because I know her. When I approached the corral today, she and Popcorn were eating. I yelled out something at everyone and her head spring up out of that feeder to the sound of my voice. How freaking neat. Today I got all sentimental on her back thinking of the fact that I may one day leave this place. And just to make me quit my blubbering she disobeyed me to take my mind off of it. Ain’t she sweet?



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