I haven’t written in 7 days which contains basically a year’s worth of events. I had two eventful 8-hour day on horseback! First day we rode the fenceline in Badlands into some of the steepest country on the ranch. What a view from up there! I was on Emma Grace and boy, is she a tough little cookie. She crashes through prickly pear like it’s made of silk, no fear… while Sugar tiptoes around it all. But some of that steep stuff was a little much, and I found myself sitting on her neck at the end of a big downhill!


When we were about 2/3 through we found 3 cows, so we had to stop what we were doing and move them to Murder Camp. Keith and Seago went on with ‘em, Zach and Popcorn next, and I stayed back to close the gate. Well I caught up to Zach and Popcorn but we never found Keith and Seago. We caught brief sight of them on the adjacent hill, so we headed that general direction, but weren’t sure where to cross the wash… and then we lost any sight of them. I had never been where we were before, and I didn’t know where the gates were, so that concerned me. And the sun had just crouched behind the ridge so daylight would soon be dwindling. I considered going back into Badlands Pasture and taking the highway home, even though that would be dangerous ad long, but at least I would know the way and not get trapped by fence. We were all tired and starting to get nervous about the approaching nightfall and I was thinking about cougar.

Well I decided to let up on the reigns and let Emma Grace decide where to go, believing that she would know the way to Murder Camp. First she walked in 2 circles around Popcorn, which did not help my confidence. Then she started going a way that felt unfamiliar to me and I was questioning if it was wise to trust her. After a while I noticed we were suddenly moving quicker… and even old Popcorn broke into a trot, so I took that to mean we were going the right way! And sure enough we came over a hill to see the corral at Murder Camp, along with Eric and the trailer. And not far behind us were Keith, Seago and all 3 cows! Phew. And that was only day one…


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