Woke up early today because we were leaving for Double Check at 6. So I fed the horses in the dark which was different. Smokey was suspicious about his nose bag and had to sniff it quite a few times before deciding it was okay. It was easier in the dark though because I could leave the gate open between trips to the feeder because they couldn’t see it! Double Check is beautiful and it was exciting to see the packing house! We brought home and ate the meat of the yellow bull that Emma Grace and I found that day. He was so damn tasty.

Anyway, we went over there for a meeting with Land & Water Trust which Eric thought would include about 6 people. Well a bus pulled up and I had a hunch that a bunch of birders would get off because tour buses are for old people (or Asians) and old people are birders in this part of the country. And sure enough! It was fun having all these visitors and many of them wanted to talk to me. I obtained 2 business cards and went on the bird walk. What a lovely place in the unfortunate town of Dudleyville. While I watched a vermilion flycatcher dance and gleam above a lush green pasture a group of meadowlarks flew in and perched on a branch and fence post screaming yellow against the green… and a rock wren twitched around in a wood pile and a yellow-rumped hopped about overhead.

When we got back we gave the horses sponge baths with the lice solution. They accepted it much better than expected, especially Popcorn. I think Sugar and I are buds again – I walked half way across the corral toward her and she came the rest of the way. I get such enjoyment from interacting with and observing them each day; I might look forward to Happy Hour more than Dink does!



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