This morning I had to knock down more bales of hay before feeding the horses. They were impatient and Emma Grace stole a bite from my hands which is rude and annoying. Dink gets so excited when she sees me because she’s hoping for beer, it’s getting ridiculous. She’ll start singing away with a spring in her step. I can’t help but laugh. That alcoholic!

There’s a pair of thrashers and at least 3 green-tailed towhees now, or maybe probably always was. I built rock dams while looking up frequently to glimpse a gnatcatcher beside me and bluebirds atop a juniper. That violet flashes so vibrantly as they dance in midair. I was stopped in my tracks by 2 striking butterflies – yellow with deep orange spots on the wing tips.

I rode Sugar this afternoon for impact and it went better than last time (How could it not?) Her and I pushed some cows, which was relatively successful. It’s harder than Jean makes it look. Those foolish oafs go every which way and just when they start moving in the right direction Sugar stops because there’s a measly prickly pear in her path. It’s such a contrast being on Sugar after Seago. Seago is off as soon as one foot is in the stirrup and you must constantly apply the break. Sugar, on the other hand, needs a nudge, or more, to get moving.


We saw 3 deer spring across the landscape in front of us, Sugar didn’t seem to care. It seems as though she likes it when I talk. But not when I sing. On our way to the impact site we found the fence around the drinker had been run down by thirsty cows, so we did a temporary fix there and returned to the corral around 6 where Dink was waiting at the gate singing the Happy Hour song. She cut her cheek this morning while we were saddling up but I have no idea how. It pains me to look at her although its nothing for a big animal. It makes her look tough. Polly’s looking sadder each day. Something needs to be done about her skin situation, it’s getting worse. Donk is getting it now too, and maybe even Seago. I really feel bad for Polly, it’s hard being around her because she’s just so sad. Eric says she never got over the fact that she’s not a horse. I think she just knows she’s ugly.


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