Today I lugged some juniper stays up a huge slope and across a mesa and placed ‘em where needed on the fence. Cheyenne stayed nearby. Lovely walking down Blackjack and Cold Creek. Buncha cows hanging out down there. Funny to see such large creatures get nervous and run away. My hands are all messed up and painful all over. I can hardly bend my left thumb. The third time I hit it this morning with the handsaw was the zinger – right on the knuckle, bled all over. And my arms burn from catclaw.

Yesterday Jean sent me out to check Sola tank. She always gives me these simple instructions of how to do things that I am completely ignorant to. Like knowing how to get to Sola. I’ve been there before, sure, because my horse took me there, from a different direction. Yeah, it was on that one mesa next to that one prickly pear, you know – the one with needles. Okay. I went up and down and up and down on the hills on foot, having only a slight idea which direction to head. I finally climbed up to the top of a big ridge in hopes that it was up there. Well from the top I could see a big silver tank on the adjacent ridge. Sooo back down and up, up, up a steep rocky face. Hope it’s the right tank. Hope my estimate of the water level is somewhat accurate. When I got back to the house, my to do list said “big silver tank” – phew!



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