My favorite phrase of Eric’s yesterday was, “Ed and I disagreed about pretty much everything.” Ed as in Edward Abbey. Yeah, I know. They worked together at U of A. I about died upon hearing this and Eric could not fathom why. He said the Monkey Wrench Gang was his worst book, totally overplayed and fantastical and his fixation with Glen Canyon Dam had no basis or context. I don’t completely disagree… but I still love him and that book.

Another phrase I liked was something along the lines of “wow, someone more curmudgeony than me… this is great!” as I sat there in disbelief and skepticism as we talked about these newfangled 3D printers. What in hell. Don’t ask me.

Yesterday morning I finished rasping Sugar’s hooves and shaping them and leveling them for the shoes. She wouldn’t let me get a hold of the hind legs until Eric got there. We danced until then which is quite frustrating. I’m so slow at rasping that we had to give her a break before doing the new shoes. So we went over to the cabin where Keith and Chrissy stay. I ended up on the trampoline with Emily and Elijah, playing tag. And then back to the shoes! Scary to have a horse’s hoof with nails sticking out of it in your hand, hoping she makes no sudden movements that are stronger than your grip, causing the nail to rip through whatever part of you gets in the way. But that didn’t happen and I felt good about my resulting work, even with the 3 crooked nails. Sucks for whoever has to take that left shoe off later. Could be me! Then the ranch guests showed up, though we weren’t expecting them til today so we had a long chatty dinner, where the 3D printer nonsense came up. Eric has added two more books to my pile which is becoming heavy to carry. Jean was gone today taking Kay to the airport; she didn’t return until 2am and was up at 6 cleaning and cooking, how admirable.

Today we rode around trying to find 3 cows. I was on Emma Grace this time which displeased me slightly because of Sugar’s new shoes. All was fairly well until EG took off running and kicked her hind legs, sending me and the saddle flying a foot in the air. I was clinging to her mane yelling “whoa whoa!” That shook me more than falling off Sugar did and I stayed pretty tense for the rest of the ride. This landscape is treacherous. I can’t say I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s ride.

Joe Cannon came over for dinner tonight and he’s a pretty nifty cowboy. 80 years old and still rides everyday.


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