I am back where I belong in eastern Arizona. When I arrived at my campsite long after nightfall there wasn’t a question in my mind about whether or not I would sleep outside. I feel safe here. I’m sure there are the same animals as the other places I’ve been, but something about the energy of this landscape is so welcoming and nurturing. All was silent across this land as I fell asleep, aside from a low peeping – maybe a quail having a bad dream. I awoke once during the night from coyote melodies and fell back to sleep with a smile. This morning I opened my eyes just as the start of dawn again. Watched the colors morph in the sky and color come to the landscape. No moon this time but that star in the SE shone brightly into the dawn. What is it? Brightness on the horizon gathers in one spot and intensifies until you think it can’t get any brighter… and then she appears. And a few chirps can be heard here and there, very distant coyote, and then the raves croak.



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