Where to begin… It’s been a bird-filled day. There is a great-horned on the hood of my car right now, so it can air out and not make this black hole smell even worse than it does. I need to figure out something with him quick before he really starts to decay, but I don’t know how to part with him. Or her. Anywho, quite an exciting and also frustrating bird day – broad-freaking-billed hummer!, hepatic tanager, yellow-eyed junco, Mexican jay, lark sparrow, possibly the darn rufous-crowned sparrow which has become my nemesis bird!, Lawrence’s goldfinch – what a surprise!, an incredibly vibrant male cardinal, a female pyrrhuloxia!, bridled titmouse, green-tailed towhee, canyon towhee, curve-billed thrasher!, brown creeper, Townsend’s warbler, and the good old ear shattering gila woodpecker.


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