I opened my eyes this morning right at the break of dawn. What a relief to see color on the horizon after opening my eyes a dozen times prior to gray, trying to use the movement of the stars (Orion) to figure out how much time has passed. FYI the stars move fast, meaning not a lot of time goes by. If you aren’t eager to get up and start your day this would be the opposite of a problem. But I am eager. Through creosote silhouettes the sun sits on the horizon and peers at me. The crescent moon to the southeast is barely visible now. How to keep track of time? By phases of the sun rise? I awoke only once to coyote howls and many other times to silence. Sun now hangs just above the land and is pushing me out of my cocoon.


A great-horned hoots ever so softly just beyond what I think might be the edge of this camp. Lots of cars are about on the 3 surrounding highways, a dog barks, and campers are lively. I can’t wait to see what this spot looks like the day, like a trailer park, like slab city. Maybe I’m tired enough to sleep through it tonight? Might lay awake in anticipation of all the hummers I’ll hopefully see tomorrow! I started getting all sentimental within miles of the Colorado this morning… and then I crossed the river and that Arizona State Line sign got me all chocked up. It’s good to be here, driving down state highways through small decrepit Native towns. I went into a Bashas and the signs were in their native language. No beer to be found. Did find a rare streak-backed oriole today! Such a hefty bill. Drove for way too long today so I can awake beside Madera Canyon tomorrow. This is the place for birders.


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