Puppy prints in the wash. So much bird chatter by unnamed fellows… it’s hard to sneak up on anything in the desert!

Watching the stars come into view is something that’s been missing in my daily life for a few months now. And I’m sure part of the reason I haven’t felt well in a while is because I haven’t been sleeping outside. Each time I woke up last night there was fresh air on my face, so I reckon I can’t complain. I birded the Salton Sea today and got a little pink in the cheeks! Driving between sites I found a pair of burrowing owls standing on the side of the road!! Got fairly close and they were much less thrilled about the encounter than I. I stopped in the good old town of Brawley where I once bought a tube of toothpaste. Found the bakery I went to before but they no longer have avocado smoothies! Because I was probably the only one who ever got one. I left at dusk and ended up driving and seeking camp in the dark, can’t wait to see where I am once the sun comes up! Besides 15 miles from Mexico. Arizona plates flew past me on the 8… I’m not there yet but I’m getting close! I wish the cars were a little quieter and that I didn’t always end up sleeping within earshot of a dang railroad! Coyotes sung a short tune as I got in my sleepingbag! Music to my sleepy ears.


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