The sun is peering at me through bare branches and thin clouds while frogs chirp in the canyon below and birds chatter all around. The smell of smoke is mixed with scents of freshness and ambition. I have that feeling of slight anxiety that spring brings because it feels that the possibilities and activities and opportunities are endless and gosh, where to start?! There’s bird songs that I can’t pinDSCN2525.JPGpoint and it gives me butterflies in my stomach. I can hardly concentrate enough to write.

I am back in California at Claude and Connie’s after being “back east” for the holidays. I feel somewhat uneasy. I’ve been living indoors for too long. And I’ve been surrounded by familiar faces for too long, to the point where I’m almost nervous about getting on the road again… which is crazy because all I want is to be a lone cowboy again. I am longing to be in Trinity, or in Klamath. I also really want to be on that 10,000 acre cattle farm in Clifton. Yes, I could do a month or more there. Still waiting to hear back. What is happening to me – wanting to stay put! We’ll see what happens.


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